Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Moving to high gears

We just got done changing the layout of the website, putting a banner and even a favicon. We put up a products page where you can download some free 3d models and others are really cheap and they cost less than ten dollars. All we are hoping for is to provide you with free models most of the time and sometimes post some fancy items that cost a bit of money, we need some money to keep us going. We desperately need some plug-ins that we can not afford to buy. As soon as we can get "Catastrophe" by nitro4d , i swear we will put up at least 10 free 3d models. FYI you will need to sign up with turbosquid to download our models, they handle the money and the 3d model file hosting. Hope we can meet your needs .

                                                                    -sincerely , the 3d nutt

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